Point domain to your Minecraft server

If you own your own domain and you'd like players to connect to your server using that domain this article will be helpful! Steps may vary between different domain registrar/DNS providers, however the steps will be generally the same.

1. Sign in to your domain registrar or DNS manager.
2. Select the domain you wish to manage.
3. If your server is running on the default Minecraft port (25565) create an A record. If your server is running on any other port create a SRV record.

If creating an A record:

  1. For host you should put whatever you want the subdomain to be. The subdomain is the "play" in play.example.com. We highly recommend doing this over running the server on the root domain.
  2. The IP address is your server IP, not including port. e.g.

If creating a SRV record:

  1. Service/service name: "_minecraft"
  2. Protocol: TCP
  3. The name you should put whatever you want the subdomain to be. The subdomain is the "play" in play.example.com. We highly recommend doing this over running the server on the root domain. If you're using cPanel, an example name would look like: `_minecraft._tcp.play.example.com`
  4. Priority: 1
  5. Weight: 1
  6. This is your server port. The port is the random numbers at the end of your server IP. e.g.
  7. The target is the hostname for the machine you're on. If you're unsure of this please contact us. Alternatively you can create a separate A record that points at the IP itself, and use that as your target. Just follow the instructions above for creating an A record, except rather than putting the subdomain of your choice in for host, put something different like play-target.

If you have any questions throughout this process feel free to reach out to our support team. Happy building!

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